66licksShop Now This solo was created by RANDOMLY picking from a series of 1-second guitar sections, and adding them together…

This tool features a whole bunch of short, loopable guitar bites, recorded in the same key. Each ‘lick’ is easy to learn, and perfect on its own to add to your arsenal of killer licks. But if you add them together – they will flow together in any order, making it easy to learn to build longer phrases, and help you to become a better guitarist. CREATE YOUR OWN GUITAR SOLOS using the licks provided, and then learn to play them!

- provide 66 ‘building block’ licks you can use in your own playing (millions of different combinations!)

- provide a utility where you can use these building blocks to create your own monster solo, and then learn to play it

Thanks to the program’s incredible and simple design, using the program is a breeze, even a monkey could operate this technology! Clicking any of the lick numbers (a lick is a short passage of notes) will add that lick to the playlist. Hit play, and you will hear what the lick sounds like, and be presented with the tabulature so you can see… Read more…

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