Take Better Digital Photos

Take Better Digital PhotosShop Now If you’ve got a digital camera, like to take photos, but haven’t been coming up with the results you’d hoped for, I can help you.

You’re by no means alone in your frustration at not getting the same kind of bright, exciting images you see in magazines or on the walls of galleries, or in newspapers or displays in shops.

OK, you don’t really expect to get images as good as those produced by highly-paid professional photographers with heavy duty equipment, but you think you should be able to get better results than you have been getting.

"You need a better camera" (usually suggested by photoshop salesmen or someone with a more expensive camera than yours)

"You need to take a photography course at college" (OK if you’re young and with three years to spare, but actually relatively few successful professionals ever took this route)

"There are some amazing trade secrets that are jealously guarded by professional photographers which if you only knew would instantly transform you into an expert " (I only wish!)

An expensive Canon DIIIS or a Nikon D3 may improve your personal image but not necessarily your photos Of course, a more sophisticated camera does offer… Read more…

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