Art Fair Store: Art Fair Money-Making Special Reports

Art Fair Store: Art Fair Money-Making Special ReportsShop Now What if you had specific information that could give you the inside track on finding the best art shows, choosing the best show for you, building an attractive display, the jurying process, selling and pricing, PLUS 10 more topics you didn’t even know to ask about?

Presenting: Two downloadable Special Reports with exactly the information you need to realize your art fair goals:

In her Special Reports you will find common sense and detailed practical answers to your most frequently asked questions. This exclusive "insider" information is distilled from Connie’s extensive experience in the industry, membership in artist organizations, and years of personal "in the booth" knowledge at art events nationwide.

This downloadable PDF of the seminar includes 20+ detailed pages and 17+ "need to know" topics for art fair exhibitor success.

"Even with a more than 30 year history of painting and 2 Masters degrees in Painting I’m having no luck even being accepted to Festivals. Any tips that help will be greatly appreciated. – Jim"

Part Two of this exclusive Art Fair Insider’s Success Package was produced specifically to help struggling artists like Jim (and YOU!).

delivers 29 more pages on 20 detailed topics submitted by artists. This… Read more…

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