Piano Chord Chart

Piano Chord ChartShop Now Here is a screen shot of our "Instant Keyboard Chords Finder" — the answer to all your piano chord questions in a digital chord chart.

Plus you get all the scales with one click! (12 major scales, 12 harmonic minor scales, 12 melodic minor scales, and 12 major pentatonic scales – does not show minor pentatonic scales)

Take a look at the screen above so you can see how it works. Then click below to buy the actual "Keyboard Chord Finder" for $39. total — no shipping — you can order 24/7 — even if it’s in the middle of the night — and keep it on your own computer desktop to answer all your chord questions forever!

Wow!! And Double Wow!! I just downloaded the Instant Keyboard Chord Finder and believe me, it is all you say it is and then some!

Thanks for coming up with something like this. From what I have seen, it does seem easy to use. I feel it will make the keyboard chords easier to learn by being able to see them. If time allows, I plan to take a few minutes each day to study a chord and the different variations before going on the computer for… Read more…

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