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Join as a member – Dance training online with videos and articles — Passion4DancingShop Now Learn Latin & Ballroom dancing online with over 80 step by step videos – Available 24/7!

The problem is that there is so much information about dancing out there, but most of it is unorganized and the tutorials lack any effective teaching methods (Not to mention awful video and audio quality).

I’ve coached hundreds of students, of all ages and skill-levels. I’ve helped many shy couples get out on the dance floor at social parties, weddings and birthdays. I’ve seen guys, convinced they had two left feet, become kings of Latin clubs with women chasing them for dances, and I’ve witnessed a mother-of-three rediscover her sensuality.

No matter how hopeless a new student felt about their dancing abilities, after just a few weeks, each and every one of them left with more confidence than ever before.

I wanted to share it with people all around the world and that’s why I created my step by step online training program.

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