LEARN TO DJ WITHVIRTUAL DJ HOME - Digital DJ TipsShop Now Want to use Virtual DJ Home to play real gigs, fast? This specially produced online training video series can get you there.

Don’t struggle with the basics once you’ve got Virtual DJ Home. Fast-track your learning by grabbing lifetime access to 90 minutes of essential online DJ video training, designed for absolute beginners. Our students tell us they love these videos because they’re like having a pro DJ looking over your shoulder, helping you every step of the way.

Learn To DJ With Virtual DJ Home is brought to you by Digital DJ Tips, the makers of the best-selling “How To Digital DJ Fast” pro DJ training. Priced at just $9, this online video course offers practical pro tuition to get you DJing properly – fast.

This course gives you the specific basic techniques today’s digital DJ needs, plus enough of the timeless essential DJ skills, skills that all good DJs know. All of it is designed with one goal – to get you, the Virtual DJ Home beginner, playing your first public set – and fast.

Why the course is right for you, how to make the most of it with any kind of music, and… Read more…

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