Master the Fretboard in 2-3 months!

Master the Fretboard in 2-3 months!Shop Now The best value – over 500 downloadable and printable PDFs with MP3s, Screencasts, and more than 2 months of daily guitar exercises to master the fretboard.

There are just TWO ideas you to master IN DEPTH to become a truly good musician: the major scale and major chords. The more in depth you know these 2 concepts, the quicker you can master the guitar like a pro.

One of the key things I learned early on was that you can do a lot with the pentatonic and blues scales. But I quickly wanted more. I wanted to know the fretboard, be able to improvise, be more creative and maybe even learn a little theory.

It was frustrating being stuck in a rut, playing the same licks over and over again. So after trying out several websites who really had pretty good quality stuff, I was still pulling a trick from here, a lick from there or a lesson that I understood but had a hard time applying to a practice schedule.

This package gives instructions, practice exercises, and useable tools that help you go from wherever you are to giving you a level of understanding beyond what you can find anywhere… Read more…

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